As of Friday 27, 2015,the following discipline issues should effectively be maintained and complied with. Students will be sent back home on non-compliance and there will be no exceptions.

1.UNIFORM - Students must wear prescribed uniform to be allowed on to the school premises. This includes Shirts, Ties and Scarves with the school logo on them. Ties will be seized by school authority. If students do NOT have school ties, they can be purchased from Admission Office. Students must at all times be smartly and tidily dressed

2.SHOES - ONLY school shoes can be worn to school and not variations of it.

3.ID Card - The ID card and tag must be visible and worn at ALL times on school premises. Those who do not have them yet, will have them made asap.

4.HAIR - Boys will have their hair cut appropriately to school standards.Girls will wear their hair pulled back neatly and not too flamboyantly. No one with bright artificially colored hair will be allowed in school.

5.TUESDAY - Students must wear white on Tuesdays or days when Tuesday routines are followed during strikes and blockades.All white uniforms should have the school logo on the shirts or scarves.


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Oxford International School (OIS) is an English medium co-education School following the academic programme of the University of Cambridge, UK up to GCE O and A Levels . The first Principal of OIS was Ian Burges, an ex-professor of the University of Cambridge UK. Beginning humbly with a single campus and a limited staff, OIS has moved into a modern spacious building. The Junior Section ( Playgroup to KG ) is located close by.

OIS is known for pioneering new directions in advanced education, creating knowledge without borders and innovation in skill and teaching. It is recognized as one of the largest schools in the country, known for its interdisciplinary education and culture. The true benefit of OIS lies with its exceptional Faculty members who offer tremendous expertise in many different disciplines.

OIS is interested in establishing modern cutting-edge technology in the arena of education. The mission of OIS is the pursuit, preservation and dissemination of knowledge. We test the boundaries and structures of knowledge. We cultivate critical intellect.

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Admission 2014 - 2015

Students from Bengali medium schools with GPA 5(in SSC) can apply for A Level Admission in Oxford International School

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