Message from the Principal

I would like to introduce myself as the new Principal of Oxford International School and give you a little information about myself. I was born in Newbury, Berkshire, England in 1956 and was educated in northeast England where I grew up with my parents, brother and sister and then went to College in Hertfordshire, England. I started teaching English Language overseas in 1983 in Greece and then in the middle - east including, Gulf States, Saudi Arabia and moved into Educational Management as Principal of schools in the Maldives and Pakistan before coming to Bangladesh. I have also worked in Oman, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Slovakia and both University of Cambridge and University of Oxford, UK.

After having spent my first few weeks in learning about the school, I have noticed a great deal of commitment, energy and talent among our teachers, administration and students. It gives me immense confidence to see the level of devotion that our people are prepared to put through in improving this institution to even greater successes than it has known before.

My first priority is to improve the quality of teaching throughout the school so that we reinforce our position as one of the top institutions in the country known for academic excellence. However, academics is not the only aspect of school life - albeit the most important one. I would also like to see more work put into students’ co-curricular and various club activities. That is why I am hoping to have a Drama and Music recital for the December triumph celebrations later this year and Sports day in February next year.

Another major goal of mine is to establish closer ties with the students and their parents so that we can get their opinions about the direction we should be headed in. As a principal, I would like to see the school authority including the academics and the administration/management take greater effort to listen to the parents’ ideas, concerns and aspirations.

Let us all focus our attention and work hard as there is so much to do but it is also important to enjoy ourselves after all the hard work we will be doing. 

All the best regards,


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