Press Release Of Oxford International School’s 30th Anniversary

Date : 2017-01-26
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Oxford International School is gloriously celebrating the 30th anniversary of its success story in this year 27th Jan, 2017! This school has started its journey to educating future generations in Bangladesh in 1987; since then OIS has contributed significantly into the academic sector of our country.Oxford International School has always been the brightest pioneer in education field norms. Oxford Alumniholds significant job responsibilities around the entire world! Not only in academic curriculum, in other sectors as well, students of OIS are equally performing diligently. OIS has always tried to reach at every level of the society to discover diamonds, and our students have never stepped back to achieving awards for OIS! Not only in achieving world highest scores in different subjects, OIS has also played significant roles in other areas of knowledge and opportunities. With British Council’s partnership, Oxford International School is the first Cambridge School in Dhaka city that has started Cambridge curriculum; and through proper trainings OIS is always introducing newest policies of learning that helps the students to perform the best in this competitive era! OIS students are always participating in Physics Olympiad, Biology and Bangla Olympiad competitions and winning medals through competitions against genius students all around the world! This pride is not only OIS’s, this pride is for the entire nation! Students are learning different languages along with their second language English; German language has been included into their main curriculum as a compulsory subject. German Goethe Institute has been working in association with OIS. Oxford International School believes in practical learning, and their students know how to adjust in different environments. OIS students have the experience of travelling in different corners of the country as well as in abroad! OIS students have even visited NASA and other significant places around the world. Oxford International School proudly holds the association with Duke of EDINBURGH! And this must be mentioned that OIS scout team is always proving a diligent service at various national programs in Bangladesh! Undoubtedly these are magnificent achievements by the grace of God!

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