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About Junior Schools

Junior School provides an outstanding, inclusive education enabling all students to achieve their full potential within a calm and caring environment. We are a successful, welcoming and vibrant school which promotes a strong team approach to raising standards and have an excellent dedicated team of teachers as well as teaching assistants. Our aim is to develop our strengths and ensure that all our children fulfill their potential both academically and socially and emerge as well rounded citizens of an ever changing world. It is our wish that the whole school community develop a love of learning.





Message from the Vice Principal

The school aims to equip children with the necessary mix of knowledge, skills , competencies and attitudes to excel in the global area. We are therefore committed to improving student learning outcomes and providing teaching approaches that meet the needs of all students; not just in words but in our actions. How we teach must reflect how our students learn. It must also reflect the world our students will move into. This is a world which is rapidly changing, connected, adapting and evolving. Our style and approach to teaching must emphasise the learning in the 21st century. For this, we have adapted to one pedagogical approach to teaching and learning which is inquiry learning. This approach encourages students to ask key questions for investigation. It also considers the connections across learning areas, as well as the way that individual students learn. We ensure here in Junior school that learning to be more relevant to the known area of each child and that the concepts are learned in context and relate to existing knowledge, student interests, needs and questions inform teachers of the appropriate teaching and learning experiences that are required for particular cohorts of students and are central in the planning process.

Lastly, we value our parents co-operation to such an extent by which this wonderful journey of progress sustains throughout both at school and also at home. Sharmin Mahmud Vice Principal, Junior School

Sharmin Mahmud
Vice Principal
Junior School


Management Team

Lead Teacher Dhanmondi Junior School










Latifa Khanam
Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher Dhanmondi Junior School










Sanobar Sharmin
Lead Teacher

Project Works

Project Work 1

Aquatic World

Project Work 2

Project work 2

Project Work 3

Scientists in action, let there be light!!

Project Work 4

Our national cry for power reflects in the children's imagination of wind mill.

Events and Field Trips

Event 1

Celebrating 21st February, International Mother Language Day.

Event Work 2

The excitement of the field trip, nearly surpassing the wonder of planetarium.

LRC and Computer Class

LRC Class

Reading is a divine exercise


Getting ready for a digital world

Games Class

Project Work 1

Let’s move, Games hold strengths in reserve

Project Work 2

Playing outdoors can be so much fun!

ECA Class

Project Work 1

Dances are natural attributes in kids and adults alike

Project Work 2

The power of music to connect all in the fold.

PG Class Room and Parents Waiting Zone

Project Work 1

Let us draw our dreams

Project Work 2

Waiting parents are far away from their progressing children.

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