CIE Exam Venue

CIE stands for Cambridge International Examinations. CIE is a department of Cambridge Assessments, which, in itself, is a department of the University. CIE offers O levels, AS and A levels, as well as IGCSE exams to school students in a range of subjects. At OIS, students do O levels at the end of class 10, AS levels in class 11 and A levels at the end of class 12. All CIE exams for OIS students take place at the school, administered by the British Council, and papers are graded in the UK by certified examiners.

CIE O, AS and A levels are recognized by universities all over the world, including the universities in Bangladesh. No university will accept a candidate with fewer than two A levels and five O levels, but most require more.

OIS offers O level teaching in the following subjects. Students must sit a minimum of seven subjects:

English Language, Mathematics and Bengali, which are compulsory (except for foreigners in the case of Bengali); Economics, Business Studies, Principles of Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bangladesh Studies, Additional Mathematics, Computer Studies, English Literature, Art and Design, German.

OIS offers AS and A level teaching in these subjects. Students must sit a minimum of three subjects:

Pure Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Law, English, Business Studies, Computer Science, Economics, Accounting, Art and Design.

OIS is a CIE exam venue, meaning students can register for their exams at the school and sit them in familiar surroundings.

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